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Recent technology news


Samsung's Galaxy S Phone may have a 6.7-inch screen and six cameras

At least that's what The Wall Street Journal says! Samsung's 10th anniversary smartphone will also include support for 5G, a technology that should revolutionize the way we access the Internet (think much faster data transfer speeds and much lower latencies).



Skype calls can now be made using Alexa

Microsoft has recently made it possible for people who use Alexa-enabled devices to make Skype calls. The new feature will allow anyone to trigger Skype-based phone calls using voice commands such as "Alexa, call Jen on Skype". People who choose to link Skype with Alexa will receive 100 minutes of free calls for two months.



Apple Mac mini 2018 is not budget-friendly anymore

I have been using a Mac mini for many years now, though I'll admit that I've installed Windows 10 on it. It was a solid piece of hardware at a decent price back then, but the 2018 version has a price that starts at $799 and can go up to $4,200! Fortunately, The Verge has written a full review about it, so you'll (hopefully) be able to decide if it's time for an upgrade or not.



Raspberry launches its Pi 3 Model A+

You may be familiar with Raspberry Pi's inexpensive, and yet powerful $35 computer. The Raspberry foundation has recently launched a $25 model, though. It has the same CPU with its bigger B+ brother, but lacks the Ethernet port, has a single USB port and utilizes 512 MB of RAM instead of 1 GB. While it misses some features, this computer may be the ideal solution for schools in less developed countries, for example.



Microsoft introduces Emoji8

The Redmond software giant has recently launched a free Windows application which utilizes machine learning to determine if you can successfully recreate a random selection of emojis. The program analyzes your face utilizing the laptop's built-in video camera, and then it scores your accuracy.




Samsung adds LTE to its Chromebook Plus model

Samsung has recently upgraded its Chromebook Plus, using a faster Celeron CPU and adding a rear camera to it. A few days ago, the company has launched a new model which adds LTE connectivity as well. The rest of the specs remain unchanged: 12-inch screen, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space, and the new device will sell for $599.





New AI-based features in Microsoft Word

Microsoft has added a powerful to-do feature to its word processing software. The application will scan your documents intelligently, determining the text areas that are labeled "todo", etc. The artificial intelligence component will then group all these labels, creating a list of tasks that need to be taken care of. You can keep these lists for yourself or share them with your colleagues.