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My name is Daniel Brian. I am a studentpreneur.

I have built this site because I want to turn it into one of the key technology insights news sources.

Browse the Information Systems Technology Education website and you will discover tech news and easy-to-understand guides that teach beginners to IT how to solve common tech-related problems/tasks.

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Latest tech news

Samsung's Galaxy S Phone may have a 6.7-inch screen

At least that's what The Wall Street Journal says! Samsung's 10th anniversary smartphone will also include support for 5G, a technology that should revolutionize the way we access the Internet (think much faster data transfer speeds and much lower latencies).


Skype calls can now be made using Alexa

Microsoft has recently made it possible for people who use Alexa-enabled devices to make Skype calls. The new feature will allow anyone to trigger Skype-based phone calls using voice commands such as "Alexa, call Jen on Skype".


Latest tech guides

3d printing


Understanding 3D printing technologies


3D printing is the name used for the process of manufacturing various objects by stacking layers of materials according to a 3D digital model that is used as a reference. This process makes it easy for people like you and me to create complex designs from the comfort of our homes. Here are a few examples.

Until recently, you needed to go to a factory to build custom plastic-made objects, for example. And if you wanted to get a good price, you had to print at least a few thousands of identical objects! Fortunately, 3D printers are inexpensive; some of them will only set you back $100 or so, and they are quite easy to set up and use. Unlike there industrial counterparts, they won't fill an entire room; most of them have the size of a laser printer, to give you an idea.

People use additive manufacturing, the technical name for the process behind 3D printing, to create all sorts of objects: toys, decorations, phone cases, and so on.

3D printers are able to reproduce the information that is stored inside those 3D models in real life. You can use applications such as SketchUp to build your model, or simply utilize one of the tens of thousands of models that can be downloaded for free using the...




How to boost Wi-Fi signal


Being a computer science student has its perks. Your friends and relatives start to think that you are the almighty guru who has the power to solve all their computer-related problems, for example. So, it's not a surprise that I am often asked this question: how can I boost Wi-Fi signal? What can I do to get a better wireless coverage in my home? That's exactly why I chose to write this article; hopefully, it will help some of you as well.

Many people have poor wireless connections in their homes. It's a fact! They buy inexpensive routers, which don't have enough signal power. So, they know that they should buy better routers when they encounter Wi-Fi related problems. This is often a good idea, because just like our smartphones, routers tend to get outdated. It's not that their hardware has become less powerful; router manufacturers are simply "forgetting" to release patches for the older models, thus making them vulnerable to potential security threats. You can't blame them that much, though, because their main goal is to increase profits, after all.

So, investing in a better, more modern router is often a wise choice. But if your laptop is the only one having Wi-Fi problems, replacing its wireless module, which is often connected to the board through a tiny U.FL cable, is a very effective solution. I had great results with wireless modules that use Intel chips, so that's what I always recommend. Don't go for this upgrade if you don't know what you are doing, though; you may destroy your...


Amazing tech stats


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